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2009 Annual Meeting Proxy Form

Each Homeowner was mailed a Proxy Form and the Informational Letter (below) on March 19th, 2009. If for some reason, you did not receive the Proxy Form, you may click on the link below and print out a new form. Please do not submit more than one proxy form for each lot owned in Oak Parke as this complicates the tallying of votes during the annual meeting. Thanks...

Click here to download the Proxy Form


2009 Annual Meeting Information

Annual Meeting Notice
Including information about Proxy Forms, Quorum, and Voting Rules

The Purpose of this informational letter:

  • To notify you of the 2009 Oak Parke Homeowners Association Annual Meeting,
  • To explain the purpose of the Proxy form,
  • To define a Quorum,
  • To explain the voting rules


Meeting Info:  The Oak Parke HOA Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday April 21st at 7 PM at the Shady Hollow Community Center (3303 Doe Run, 78748).  Please see the www.ophoa.org web site for a link to a map. This letter also serves as notice for additional meetings which may be held on the same night (see section on a quorum below).  

What is a Proxy?  A proxy is a signed document that allows you as the homeowner to give your right to vote at the annual Oak Parke HOA Annual meeting to another homeowner or to the Oak Parke HOA Board.

What do I do with a Proxy Form? If you cannot attend the annual meeting you should fill out the proxy form and mail it to Goodwin Management no later than Thursday, April 16, 2009.  The proxy form is already addressed and stamped so all you need to do is fill it out and drop it into a mailbox. The purpose of the Proxy is to 1) attain a quorum, 2) cast your vote for a candidate to fill an HOA Board position, and/or 3) appoint either the HOA Board or another homeowner of Oak Parke to attend the annual meeting and vote on your behalf if you cannot attend.  The proxy is valid until (a) such time as the annual meeting is held with a quorum and then adjourned, or (b) eleven months from the date of execution, whichever occurs sooner.

If I miss the deadline to mail the Proxy Form, is there another way to submit it?  Yes, you can complete and sign your proxy and give it to a neighbor or a Board member to bring to the annual meeting. Any proxy form that is incomplete, unsigned or illegible will not be considered valid or counted.

What happens if more than one Proxy Form is submitted from the same household?  In the rare case of 2 or more completed and signed proxy forms submitted from the same address, the one with the latest date will be used.

What if I submit a Proxy Form and then decide to come to the annual meeting? If you have submitted your proxy form and decide to attend the meeting, your proxy will be voided and you will be allowed to vote in person at the meeting.

What is a quorum? The minimum number of members needed for an organization to conduct business and for any voting to be valid. The Oak Parke Deed (CC&R) states that the initial quorum is 2/3 of all the members entitled to cast a vote.

What if we don’t establish a quorum? In the event we do not establish a quorum, the meeting will be adjourned and a new meeting will be called to order on the same night, 5 minutes after the initial meeting is adjourned.   According to the Deed (CC&Rs) the new meeting will only require ½ of the number of members originally required to establish a quorum (so in this case, ½ of the original 2/3 is 1/3 of the members).  This process will continue until quorum is established so there will be no rescheduling of the annual meeting and we will establish a quorum on April 21st, 2009. Please note, this document is a formal notice that additional meetings may be held on the same night in order to establish a quorum. This adjourning of the meeting and then starting a new meeting on the same night reduces the cost to all homeowners by not having to reschedule for a second or third annual meeting on another day (each annual meeting costs more than $600).

Can I attend the meeting and vote if I rent a house in Oak Parke? While homeowners and renters each share in all the amenities that Oak Parke has to offer, the Deed CC&Rs clearly state that only homeowners can vote.  Renters are encouraged to attend all community meetings so that they can keep up with the current news, but only the owner of the home may vote.  Also please keep in mind both homeowners and renters must abide by all of the rules and deed restrictions. 

Voting rules:  

  • Each household has one vote
  • Voting Members must be in good standing (all fees paid and no pending violations) to be eligible to vote
  • A “neighbor proxy” is an Oak Parke homeowner whose name has been written on a proxy form and completed and signed by another homeowner. This “neighbor proxy” will get one ballot for each homeowner for whom he or she has been named as a proxy
  • The HOA Board will get one ballot for each homeowner who checked “HOA Board Proxy” on their completed and signed proxy form. If a Board member is on the ballot for reelection, this person will not take part in the Board’s proxy voting process. The remaining two Board members will divide the ballots equally and they will each vote for the person who they feel will best serve the position.
  • All members’ votes will be by secret ballot. This includes any neighbor proxy votes or board proxy votes
  • The total number votes for each candidate as well as the number of neighbor proxies, HOA board proxies, and quorum only proxies will be posted on the Oak Parke web site and the bulletin board by the mailboxes within 48 hours of the Annual meeting

Candidate’s Presentation at the Annual Meeting: Candidates for the Board of Directors will be asked to make a short presentation (no more than 2 minutes) at the annual meeting. Once all candidates have had an opportunity to speak, the vote will be taken.
What should I do if I have questions about the Proxy or the quorum requirements?  Contact Carl Gamble of Goodwin Management at (512) 502-7517.